Why are you here and not on the STREAM page?

Alt text The STREAM Local Information System has become part of the new Data North Yorkshire web site.

After almost five years as a key source of demographic and socio-economic information STREAM became part of the Data North Yorkshire site in June 2016.

Improved delivery of North Yorkshire statistics

The Data North Yorkshire web site allows us to improve the way that we deliver information to you. It is easier to use than our original STREAM system and users no longer need to login to access information. The site focuses on providing more detailed analysis and interpretation of key data sets. The information is also available in open data format, allowing it to be used in more innovative ways.

Please access the new [web site] (https://www.datanorthyorkshire.org/) or use the home page button above.

If you have STREAM saved as a favourite in your web browser remember to replace it with our new web address.

North Yorkshire data newsletter

Our historic STREAM newsletters were very popular with users for a number of years, providing a brief update on recent and upcoming releases of key data sets and topical articles of interest to data users in North Yorkshire.

To see if we covered issues which are of relevance to you have a look at our historic [newsletter] (http://hub.datanorthyorkshire.org/dataset/stream-at-data-north-yorkshire)